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Volvo has reinvented itself in recent years with an all-new modern lineup of vehicles. This lineup continues the Volvo tradition of making some of the safest vehicles on the planet, but they also come with some of the most advanced technology on the market. Volvo vehicles at our dealership near Baton Rouge come with the latest features that you're sure to love.

Volvo Sedans

Volvo's models start with their sedans. All sedan models start with S, and then they are designated a number based on their size. The S60 is the medium-sized sedan of Volvo's lineup and the S90 is the full-size sedan. The S60 has been tuned to be a bit sportier, while the S90 has more refinement, and is much more comfort-oriented. You can easily tell the difference when you drive them around Denham Springs.

Volvo Wagons

After sedans, Volvo has a lineup of crossovers and wagons. These vehicles as start with the letter V. The V60 is the standard sized wagon, which is the perfect size for most small families. It has plenty of interior space, which comes in handy if you are packing for a trip across Prairieville.

If you want more room than the V60 has, you can upgrade to the V90. The V90 also gets you an overall nicer vehicle with more luxury features. Both the V60 and V90 can be had in cross country trims which turns them into crossover SUVs. These trims also raise the vehicles and make them better for off-road use, or for dealing with extreme weather.

Volvo SUVs

The final type of vehicle that Volvo makes is the SUV and they start with the XC designation. The XC40 is the compact SUV of the lineup, and it's made for mostly city use. The XC60 is the standard size SUV, and it makes for a great vehicle to run errands in or go on a short road trip around Gonzales. The final SUV is the three-row XC90. The XC90 comes with all the luxury you could ever want, and it has enough space to go on a cross country road trip comfortably.

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