Buying vs. Leasing a Volvo

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You’ve thought long and hard about which Volvo model you want to take home and now it’s time to consider your financing options. The decision is one that should be made to best fit your personal driving needs and there are pros and cons to both so it is wise to weigh both options before making a final decision. We broke down the pros and cons of each option to help make that decision a little easier.



Leasing gets you the vehicle you want and with a monthly payment that is much more affordable than buying. Volvo’s leasing programs give you the freedom to drive a new Volvo every few years without the hassle of selling or trading in your vehicle. 



- Substantially lower monthly payments

- Low down payments, if at all

- No depreciation concerns

- Option to purchase vehicle at the end of the lease term

- Easy return at lease-end

- Future value does not affect you financially                                                                             



- Don’t own the vehicle and have to return it at the end of the lease

- Higher insurance premiums

- Always have a car payment

- Limited number of miles you can drive

- Early termination charges if you end the lease early

- No modifying or customizing the vehicle


Learn more about leasing a Volvo here.



Ownership simply means no mileage limits, no end date for when you have to return your vehicle and no worrying about end of lease obligation. Volvo Car Financial Services offers affordable and competitive financing through your local Volvo dealer, to help you get in the vehicle of your dreams.



- You own the vehicle and can keep it as long as you want

- No payments once the vehicle is paid off

- Can sell of trade in your vehicle at any time  

- No mileage limits

- Can modify or customize the vehicle

- Insurance costs are lower than on leased vehicles



- Higher monthly payments than on leased vehicles

- Large down payment, usually 10-20%

- Rapid depreciations and diminishing resale value


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